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The Concepts

Sometimes the best concepts are a result of dedication, professionalism and workmanship. With these as core values, Desjoyaux Pools have garnered a reputation to showcase innovation and sophistication. Creating the world’s best swimming pools is only possible if the product is able to exhibit attributes of simplicity, durability, cost effectiveness and luxury, all at the same time.

Indeed, the individuality of Desjoyaux’s pools lies in the combination of two concepts that are revolutionary in their simplicity, their durability, their effectiveness and their complimentary nature.

A Permanent
Active Casing

  • Invented, patented and produced exclusively In-House
  • Is built to remain rot-proof and environmentally friendly (recycled material)
  • A sturdy unit built with a combination of polypropylene and concrete
  • A Free-standing structure
  • Fully resistant to frost and ground movements
  • Installation certified by Bureau Veritas
  • Can be assembled and customised in any shape and size
  • Manufacture and installation guaranteed for 10 years
The active casing ensures the pool’s solidity via a technique of amalgamating plastic and concrete, so as to make a monolithic structure

The Liner – Reinforced PVC

  • Ensures the pool is watertight
  • Guarantee on welding and waterproofing for 10 years
  • Fixed to the structure using a special factory made liner lock
  • Easily replaceable, with no need for intervention on the coping of the pool or the structure

A reinforced pvc has the
following benefits

  • Improved flexibility compared to concrete
  • The unit is reinforced with fiber mesh, welded to form a one-piece structure of the desired shape ensuring a leak proof setup
  • Unique techniques and proprietary tools included result in low maintenance
  • Only Desjoyaux approved materials and proprietary filtration mechanisms are used that result in no build-up of algae & moss
  • No grouting, which tends to discolouration, leading to little or no wear and tear during a cleanup process
  • Materials used are formulated and treated for extra ultra violet protection
  • All materials are also conditioned with antibacterial agents to prevent staining
  • Perfectly adaptable for high end projects such as beach entry, bar stools, islands, free form steps, benches etc.

The Filtration Unit

  • Pipeless Filtration
  • No additional space required for plant room with piping
  • Easy upkeep and maintenance
  • Clean technology and replaceable filter bags (which can be easily cleaned & reused)
  • Surface mounted, quick installation
  • Assured quality creating a leak proof mechanism
  • Filtration at 15 or even at 6 microns (Potable Water)

Cost Saving

  • Reduced running cost in the long run
  • Very low electricity consumption

Turbo Pump

  • Useful for hydrotherapy / massage and cross current systems
  • Is integrated within the structure of the swimming pool
  • Available in several models based on small, mid-sized and commercial projects